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Severtsev Nikolai Alekseevich, doctor of technical sciences, professor, сhief researcher, Federal reseach center "Computer Science and Management" of the Russian Academy of Sciences (building 2, 44 Vavilova street, Moscow, Russia), E-mail:
Daryina Anna Nikolaevna, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor, leading researcher, Federal reseach center "Computer Science and Management" of the Russian Academy of Sciences (building 2, 44 Vavilova street, Moscow, Russia), E-mail: 

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In practice, testing (creating) the created system, as a rule, reproduces a narrower spectrum of the load, therefore, under various other conditions, the spread of the test results will be significantly less than the spread of the same parameter in real use. In addition, the experimental assessment of the parameter under study, obtained from the test results, is similar in physical nature,
since in the process of testing not all spectrum of loads is reproduced, but those loads that are set and have one or another degree of approximation. This is because accurate modeling of the entire spectrum of loads is practically impracticable, and economically impractical. There is a problem of comparing different test methods and recounting their results. The article provides options for applying the similarity criteria to various processes during the development (testing) of complex technical systems. 

Key words

complex technical system, similarity criteria, probability, fault tolerance, reliability 

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